Sleep Natural Motion Base Warranties:

Sleep Natural Motion Plus, Sleep Natural Motion, and Sleep Natural Value Bases are covered by a 20-year limited warranty. The first-year cost of parts and labor are 100% covered (Non-Prorated). For years 2 through 20, the customer would be responsible for 50% of the cost for both parts and labor (Prorated). Warranties are only valid for Sleep Natural Motion bases purchased from a registered dealer. All transportation or shipping fees are NOT covered by this warranty and are the customer’s responsibility to pay for in advance.

Floor models, discontinued bases, “as-is” sales, and going-out-of-business sales will limit or void the Sleep Natural Motion warranty. “As-is” sales and going-out-of-business sales void all Sleep Natural Motion warranties, including extended warranty programs offered through Sleep Natural. Any adjustable that is abused, including obvious structural damage, including but not limited to burns, cuts, stains, etc…voids the warranty. After the adjustable base Non-Prorated coverage expires, and if that model has been discontinued to where the parts are no longer available, we will offer 70% off any new adjustable base of your choice (discount is off the current POS list price, no additional discounts or offers apply).

To begin the process of starting a warranty claim on a Sleep Natural Motion Base, please contact the store where you made your purchase. They will send you the information needed to quickly process your claim. If you would like our professional team to visit your home to gather this information, that can be arranged for a transportation service fee. However, this can normally be handled easily through email. Once your Sleep Natural Motion Base warranty Claim has been approved, the cost of repairs and labor is detailed in the information provided above.  If you need our professional team to travel to your home to assist you with repairs, there will be an additional transportation service fee.

Any adjustable base not using a surge protector VOIDS the warranty.